Old Poetry 2

This one was for Nick, one I never got to call mine but whom I remember fondly. Nowadays he’s in the military or a fireman or something. This one was published in Teen Ink magazine, and can also be viewed at http://www.teenink.com/poetry/ballad/article/73079/Jerk/

I love your voice,

your soft brown hair.

I love your eyes

and love your stare.

I love your laugh,

your cocky smirk,

your stupid jokes.

You precious jerk,

you know I do.

I want my hands

all through your hair

each treasured strand.

I’m wrapped around

your finger still.

Am I yet yours?

Your love does kill

the things I hold

so close to me

and yet you’re the

best jerk I see.



Photo Credit: Stephanie Eileen Photography


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