Today I started my awesome new habit of washing my hair without using shampoo. When told people I was planning on doing this, I got a lot of wrinkled noses and questions like, “Uh… Why???” As if it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world. Here’s the reality: For thousands of years your ancestors lived without shampoo! Shampoo is not natural. It makes no sense. In fact, shampoo is unhealthy for your hair. Your hair naturally produces the oils necessary for it to be smooth and beautiful, just the way you like. Corporations make you believe that you need shampoo to clean your hair; washing your hair thusly strips it of all of its natural oils. Then these same corporations sell you conditioner with which to replace the aforementioned oils. You literally pay to hurt and then immediately heal your hair. What’s the point?

The point is to make people you don’t even know money. And shampoo is expensive! Instead, why not use things you already have in your kitchen to wash your hair, leaving it healthier than when you started? Today I started the de-shampooing process, and I’m going to document my progress in order to inspire you! Whoever you are… I’m not certain anyone even reads this to be honest, haha.

To be honest, I wasn’t even skeptical at first. It only makes sense to me. I actually stumbled on the idea online somehow (probably using I was pretty interested, reading the whole article and thinking really hard about how it was possible that I never thought it before. So I researched (read: googled) different ways people washed their hair without using shampoo. Most of them were along the same lines, suggesting baking soda for shampoo and apple cider vinegar for conditioner in varying proportions with water. I decided I would finish out my last bottle of shampoo, hopefully ever, and then start.

Since I’m at my mom’s for a few days, I’m not really able to do everything like I will when I get home. Let’s just say my first no shampoop shower was a little unorganized. First of all, I read the suggested measurements from all of the articles I had read and averaged them out (one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup water; one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to one cup water). But even after making these careful calculations, I still decided to wing it today. I carried all of my ingredients into the shower with me because I didn’t want to look like a crazy person mixing baking soda shampoo in my mother’s kitchen. While the water was getting hot, I tossed two heaping spoonfuls of baking soda into a small cup of water, which I would think is around one and a half cups. Then I did the same with the apple vinegar, only I did a little more vinegar than I had planned because I’m terrified of my hair being unconditioned.

I had read that it’s more effective to use the baking soda concoction on dry hair, so I stepped in but didn’t get my hair wet. In the shower, I just grabbed my first cup of water and poured. It was a little hard at first to figure out how to pour it correctly – if you think it’s because I’m challenged, YOU go try. It’s hard. But eventually I got the mixture all over, lathering periodically. (Is it still called “lathering” if it doesn’t make a lather? Because this stuff does not make a lather. Sorry if that’s part of a satisfying shower experience for you.) Then I rinsed it out. After the baking soda, my hair was feeling coarse and basically not cute, and I got scared. But then I poured the apple cider vinegar water all over the bottom half of my hair, and even dipped the tips right into the bottle. After rinsing this out, my hair felt amazing. Exactly like after a nice conditioner rinse. I finished showering and got out!

I know you’re wondering, so I’ll tell you: My hair did not smell like vinegar after my shower. Neither did my bathroom. It didn’t smell like beautiful lavender and melon-scented shampoop or whatever, either. It just smelled like nothing, which was kinda nice. When my hair dried, it looked just like normal. Fluffy and not greasy, which says something because I worked out hard this morning. I added a picture… The fact that it looks unbrushed has nothing to do with the no shampoop; I’m just a bad hair brusher.

So I’m satisfied with my first day. However, I’ve heard that the transition part is hard, so don’t expect the rest of my experience to go accordingly. From the accounts I’ve read online, throughout the first month or so of no shampoop, my hair will get increasingly greasier, even with my new cleaning method. This is because my hair follicles are like, “WUT R U DOIN?” because they, like you, have come to believe that they need shampoop to survive. They overproduce the oils they usually make because they’re recovering from the constant imbalance of shampoop. After a few weeks, though, this (hopefully) goes away, and my hair will look better or the same as before, and be a whole lot healthier.

I’ll try to update this weekly or so. I hope I’ve inspired someone to do this with me!!!



3 thoughts on “Shampoop

  1. Hey!
    I hope it is okay to offer some advice: I’ve heard using white vinegar can be a really good shampoo for you, if you are hoping to slowly transition out or just looking for a natural product you can use.
    Again, I hope it is okay I’m offering advice, I have heard really good things about it and read about it in a book(passport to beauty)


  2. And you call me the hippie! Love you! But I might actually try to do this too to see how it works on my hair! I try not to use conditioner at all to begin with because it makes my hair too soft and impossible to curl. Have you thought of using any essential oils for skin care that work for hair as well if you want it to have a smell? I use different oils instead of using those chemical filled face washes

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