Shampoop 2

It’s been over a week since I last used shampoo and I have no real complaints. My hair still looks great, in my humble opinion. Again, in the picture it’s offensively un-brushed, so try to ignore that. Next picture I’ll brush beforehand. I’ve been showering and washing my hair about every other day, which is how frequently I used to shampoo. I’ve nothing of substance to report except that I’m happy with how this is going!

After getting a hint from a friend I decided to do the baking soda a little differently, which I’ve done every shower except that first one. Instead of mixing baking soda with water and clumsily pouring it all over my head, I rub the baking powder into my scalp before even getting into the shower. I stand inside the shower so I don’t make a mess. I lean my head forward and flip my hair over, like I’m trying to brush the underside – you ladies know how I mean. I take an incredibly small scoop in my hand, maybe between a teaspoon and tablespoon. Then I dump it on the hair near the nape of my neck and rub it in. After, I flip my hair to one side and rub the same amount in the hair around my ear. Same with the other side. Finally, I put a little more right on top of my head and rub it all over. Then I turn on the water and rinse it out! Easy peasy. Apple cider vinegar gets poured right on my hair, as much as I feel like it takes to cover most of my tips. Rinsey rinsey – rinse well or else you will smell like vinegar, but I haven’t had problems with that yet. More to come!



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