Shampoop 4

Hey anyone who reads this, probably nobody actually. I haven’t written about my shampoo process in a while simply because there’s been little change. My hair is like, kind of greasy but not noticeable – it’s basically just a little coarse and just not fun to play with. But it looks basically fine to the untrained eye. So I’m still waiting for that to fade away, which it should in the next few weeks.

A few things I’ve noticed, however, that I can’t help but think are a direct result of my quitting of shampoo: Firstly, you know how when you shampoo, you pull just tons of hairs off of your own head? Gotta stick em on the shower wall so they don’t go down the drain. Well, I don’t get those anymore. Maybe up to five hairs a shower come off my head. I’ve not heard of this being a benefit of not shampooping, but the correlation is obvious. Also, I’ve noticed that my shower time has been cut almost in half, from about twenty to about ten minutes if I don’t feel like shaving my legs! Which I usually do for the record. I don’t spend any BS time rinsing tons of lather from my hair; I just rinse it until the smell of apple cider vinegar goes away, which is a lot less time than it takes to get rid of a nice thick lather.

The point is, it’s slow going but it’s still definitely going.



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