FINALLY I have utterly succeeded at NO SHAMPOOP

Hi everybody! It’s been a long and  agonizing process but I have finally perfected my no shampoop process. I forget what I mentioned about my issues earlier, so I’ll recap. I stopped shampooing at the start of May and replacing it with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, which is what most people who have quit shampoo recommend. My hair went through the anticipated greasy phase and never quite came out of it. So about a month ago I started washing with just water, which was a failure. So I did some research about what I may have been doing wrong, and all signs pointed me to the egg wash! Yes people, I washed my hair with raw eggs yesterday  and have never been happier with my hair. It’s shiny and silky like I’m used too. All I did was beat two eggs together, wet my hair in the shower and wring it out, then slather on the eggs and work it into my scalp. I used two eggs because I have long thick hair and it was almost too much. Then I let it sit for about ten minutes, then rinsed. NOTE the use of hot water for this process will result in an egg and hair omlet. Afterwards my hair was lovely! I plan to typically wash with pure water and use the egg wash as needed, maybe once a week. I am so glad I finally figured this out!



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