Voice Week: Monday – Dominic

Hey people. This is actually a little piece for Voice Week, which takes place at http://voiceweek.wordpress.com/ I’m using voices of secondary characters from the novel I’m finishing, the Last Ginger. I would have loved to have written new characters, or a new story, for VW but I couldn’t shake that the feeling that I should be focusing on discovering more about my preexisting characters. This one is Dominic.


It started with Rachel scaring the shit out of us, creeping in her black hood. But you could see her golden hair like rays of sun. I kissed her when I saw her perfect face, but she couldn’t stop smiling. None of us could.

We ran through the City like criminals, which at this point we were. Rese was slow and Amos stopped to scoop her. You could see it in the way Molly watched him carry her sister, how they spoke despite the silence, that they were something.

That’s why I didn’t get him right away when I hid. All he wanted was her, and she died.

He tells me to this day it’s not my fault any more than Rachel is his. But Rachel’s not dead yet, only married.


17 thoughts on “Voice Week: Monday – Dominic

  1. Nice barb at the end.
    You lost me with this sentence: “That’s why I didn’t get him right away when I hid,” probably because I don’t know the context of the story. As an outsider, I have no idea what Dominic means by the sentence. There’s great emotional contrast between the beginning and the end, and that’s interesting. I look forward to seeing how the other characters sound!

  2. I feel like there’s a big part of this I’m missing, probably because I haven’t read the story. However, I can tell that this is very well-done. I like the dynamics in between characters, and I can’t wait for my understanding to grow as we progress on with the week!

    1. Haha yeah, it’s hard to know how much information to reveal. With only 100 words so much gets sacrificed, but it helps to figure out what’s important to a character; what they would say if they only had 100 words.

  3. This is obviously a part of your bigger story – like others, I struggled to figure out exactly what was going on with so many characters and backstories. Good punchy voice, though. I definitely got a sense of his personaility and the urgency of the whole situation,

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