Voice Week: Tuesday – Rachel


It’s just so tall. The wall, I mean. I had more faith then than I do now, and I’ve been over that thing twice.

They seemed sure, though. Dominic and Amos. Dom is an inventor – he’s so smart. He built this gun to shoot a rope for us to climb. Then he thought, hard; Rese was only eight, after all. He made climbing claws so even a girl could climb out.

He climbed first – he always goes first. He’s brave. I wanted to go next but Molly asked to; she was nervous.

It’s weird to think about her hanging in the air when the cops came instead of me. We weren’t friends, but we would have been eventually.


11 thoughts on “Voice Week: Tuesday – Rachel

  1. Ah, starting to come into focus now. There’s an interesting kind of surreal detachedness here, as opposed to the heavy guilt and longing of Dom’s voice. Like it hasn’t really hit her yet? Or like she’s still in shock. I love the part about how they would have been friends.

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