Voice Week: Wednesday – Theresa (Rese)

The cops showed up and Amos dragged me and Rachel into the shadows. I was a baby and retarded and didn’t understand.

It was the first time I ever heard Dom yell, and man did he give it to them. That stupid night he introduced me to so many curse words I couldn’t remember most. You could see him and Molly from where we hid, kinda dangling in the air. (I cannotsay the word “dangle” without laughing.)

When the cops started yelling back, Amos and Rachel ran away fast. Like we couldn’ta done something. (We coulda done something.) I wished Rachel was on the wall with Dom and Molly was running with me and Amos where she belonged. It seems bad now, but… Rachel isn’t my sister.

I rode on Amos’ back cuz my stupid legs were short. He was crying. Let me repeat: Amos. Was. Crying. I only had a few seconds to wonder what the hell was wrong with him.


13 thoughts on “Voice Week: Wednesday – Theresa (Rese)

  1. Oh, I really like this voice. Sometimes the youngest perspective on an event is the most interesting, and you captured the youth of this voice. Even without her stating that she was younger, I’d get that impression. Great stuff!

  2. Probably my favorite so far. The details, parentheticals, and casual accent (kinda, coulda) really make this voice. The part about Amos crying is the best, I think – how much it rocked her.

  3. What friends will do for friends…it’s a sacred bond. I can’t stand how we as a society classify relationships as either romantic or professional without any middle ground. A fantastic read!

    1. Thanks! It was a little easy for me because I just tried to remember what the inside of my own brain sounded like about a decade ago, but it’s hard to balance sounding young with sounding ignorant.

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