Voice Week: Friday – Molly

It was thrilling, in those last moments, to be able to see the whole City at once. I watched them run away while Dom yelled at the police.

Because of this, as I fell I was thinking of Amos’ calves with their coarse blond hairs and the way they jutted out with muscle.

It didn’t hurt, not really. Gunshots sound worse than they feel.

As I fell I was thinking of Theresa and how skinny she was. Would anyone persuade her to eat when she was sad?

Amos would. I closed my eyes.

As I fell I hoped he would remember me, and I hoped he could forget me too.

The ground caught me.


15 thoughts on “Voice Week: Friday – Molly

  1. Great ending, I definitely felt for all this kind and wanted to know more, and you captured a range of cahracters and emotions all week without taking any of them too far from the norm. Stylishly done!

  2. This was the perfect way to end the week. It was beautifully written, and so often the lines seemed to punch me in the gut: “Gunshots sound worse than they feel”; “The ground caught me”… It truly is an incredible voice. Nicely done. šŸ™‚

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