Finals Week Cop-Out: My Favorite Poem

birdsSchool is my whole life at the moment. I haven’t eaten, slept or breathed in weeks! But I want to share some words anyway, so I’ll share someone else’s.

The Turkish love poetry of the 15th c. master Fuzuli touches me whenever I read it, and I hope you’re similarly affected.

Do you think the poem is sweet or cheesy?

“If my heart were a wild bird”



If my heart were a wild bird, it would nest in your twisted curl

Wherever I am, oh jinn, my love is by your side

I’m happy with my suffering, take your hand

from the medicine that will cure me

Oh doctor, do not heal me, the poison

that destroys me is your cure!

Don’t be shy and pull your skirts from the hands

of those fallen with love — take care!

For the hands which hold your hem, if you suddenly

emptied, may pray evilly to the sky

The fragments of my shattered heart lie pierced

on the spearpoints of your lashes

Go to sleep, drunk on your own beauty, and mend

my heart by the closing of your eyes

Separation from you is death, beloved, the end

of life itself

I am bewildered by others who live long

apart from you

The wick of your spirit is twisted

like the hyacinth curl of the beloved

Hey Fuzuli, you can’t hope for release

until you burn like a candle with love’s flame


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