ImageI’m reaching the end of the editing process of the first novel in my Aftermath series, The Last Ginger. I’ve posted a few excerpts and will post one each day this week.

The Last Ginger is about Alexandra, the only redhead left in a small town surrounded by war called the City which is governed by discipline. As she comes of age Alexandra’s life starts changing due to a raid attempt by the surrounding States’ conflict. A series of turnarounds leads her and her brother, Theo, to find a side of the City they never imagined, and to pursue what all Citizens dream of, silent in their matching clothes: another city, another way, another life.

What I’m looking for is writers who are interested in reading my novel in order to give me a relatively unbiased review. I figure my WordPress friends are my best option, since most of you are writers or readers already.

So any takers? I’d love to read your novel or other work in progress in exchange, please! I’m always so curious what other people are working on. I am an avid reader/writer and would be able to offer a valuable point of view on any piece.

Comment or send me a message, or email at 


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