The Importance of Backing Up Your Work

I won’t mince words here:


In reality, there are no excuses for not backing your stuffs up. It’s incredibly easy to do, and the pain of losing any amount of work is not worth the laziness.

I’ve been working on The Last Ginger for almost two years now (and it’s almost done!) and I have not been good about saving. Last year my old laptop died with the entirety of my novel trapped on it, no recognizable draft in existence elsewhere. That was downright moronic of me.

Luckily I was able to grab the good old hard drive and all was well. But here I am a year later, and I accidentally saved my shiz in some funky format because I AM TECHNOLOGICALLY RETARDED. This time I lost a month’s worth of the painstaking, miniscule edits that are a part of the finalization process. (Shoot me in the face plz.)

Lesson learned, finally.

I don’t care how new your device is or how much technological prowess you have. If you value your craft and the words that flow from your fingers, you will protect what you create. Back the stuff up.

Here are ways to back up your files:

On an external hard drive. I have one Frankensteined from my old laptop ( ❤ RIP) that holds a billion everythings. As much as a computer holds.

On a flash drive. These are like two bucks man. They’re easily lost (which is my issue) but also easy to manage and have on you all the time. Get one. Or seven. They’re only two bucks man.

Google Drive or some other cloud-based service. The cloud is free, man. (I always feel like I’m trying too hard when I use the term “the cloud.”) Every single night before you rest your precious little head to rest, upload your stuff to your Google account. Even if you haven’t written that day. Just to stay in the habit.

On another device. I don’t know anything about any devices other than the ones I’ve already talked about!

Now go back up your damn files. Do you have a lost work horror story? Tell me in the comments!


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