Voice Week: Monday – Ward Amandín

I’m so excited to be doing Voice Week again! This year my voices will need a bit more context than last year. I always try to use voices from a project I’m already working on. Last year, this helped me infinitely. I hope this year will be the same.

These voices come from the fantasy novel I’m wrapping up called Winds Blow. The context required here is a brief description of the fantasy elements present that might be confusing in such a small piece.

1. The term “ward” is here used as a gender-neutral replacement for “lord.”

2. Every character is fireblood, earthblood, airblood, or waterblood. Some characters possess elemental magic, but some do not.

3. That’s pretty much it. Enjoy!

The Rose of Ashbrook is a bastard, and a fireblood bastard, moreover. I knew fireblood bred savages! I simply had no proof until now because her mother is so damn hospitable. The Rose came to me in the midst of the Storm of Storms and asked me to shelter her and her warriors. Of course my gracious heart welcomed my youngest son’s betrothed into my loving home, and she abused me. Well, she will know how Ward Amandín of Water’s Edge handles wily little wenches like her. She will be drowned in the sea. Death in armor: a soldier’s death. She should be grateful I let her maintain her dignity, not that she had much to begin with.


29 thoughts on “Voice Week: Monday – Ward Amandín

  1. Cool! I get the feeling this vengeful ward is maybe not just a victim in this – that maybe the Rose isn’t as bad as he paints her, and that he’s not quite as gracious as he paints himself. I’m very interested to read more. : )

  2. Wow… Someone’s got an axe or two to grind. I get the impression of a lot of pride. I want to know other sides of the story, too, as this sounds like a definite case of “unreliable narrator.”

  3. Whoever the Ward is, I wouldn’t want him pissed at me…I wonder if there’s a true reason for this ward’s hatred of the firebloods, or if it’s some perceived slight, the way most things usually are…

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