Voice Week: Tuesday – The Crimson Rose of Ashbrook

I guess… Maybe letting Brooks sleep with me in Éndago’s old room was a bad idea. But Amandín has totally spilled his water. As if Éndago doesn’t have bedwarmers, wherever he is. As if Éndago would’ve killed me for sleeping with my best friend. People sleep together. That’s life.

I guess… That’s not important, not now anyway. The watergirl is putting on my armor… And Amandín’s preaching about how hateful I am. He does love to preach. I wonder if they’ll bring the water up to eat me, or if they’ll just push me in like I’m not even worth the spectacle. Though Amandín loves spectacles.

They want to push me, I see. I think it’ll look better if I jump.


18 thoughts on “Voice Week: Tuesday – The Crimson Rose of Ashbrook

  1. Oh, nice. Completely different feel from yesterday, and sheds a lot of light on the situation. She’s rather flippantly promiscuous, which angers and disgusts the older, more conservative man, though he seems unaware that his son is just as promiscuous (unless he’s got double standards, which seems like a possibility with him).

    But she’s just that kind of flibbertigibbet, Not afraid of dying. Probably not afraid of anything. I like that about her.

  2. It’s clear again that there’s a lot more to this world than we’re going to get to see in these pieces. I like the contrast between her cavalier approach to everything and his anger.

  3. I can’t decide if she’s just blasé, or if there’s a despairing streak that she’s hiding. She does seem very matter-of-fact about the likelyhood of her death, which makes me rather curious.

  4. She has a complete “whatever” mindset, she keeps saying “I guess. . .” and seems to not want to put up much of a fight, but at the same time she wants to be defiant by jumping, and her promiscuity itself is an act of defiance. She’s all confused.

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