Voice Week: Thursday – Seph the Keeper

Context: Here “keeper” is pretty much a servant.

Rose made sure her keepers got out before she and Brooks were trapped by the water-assholes. That was good of her.

Except now her funny little page, Scout, keeps following me around. She took him in when he was lost; I shouldn’t have to be his keeper too.

And except Ward Amandín threw her into the ocean in the Storm of Storms. Since everyone else is fireblood, of course, I was the only person strong enough to swim out to get her. Of course. I’m not surprised her fire almost went out in the cold water while I was slicing off her armor.

Mouth-to-mouth didn’t work, so I threw her on a literal fire. In the end I think she’ll be okay. Except when she realizes Ward Amandín still has Brooks. Then she might panic. Sometimes I wish being her keeper was more boring.


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