Voice Week: Wednesday – Brooks

Oh my gods. I knew this wouldn’t end well. She never listens. I said, “Maybe we shouldn’t, Rose, maybe Amandín is a little crazy, ROSE.” But she said, “Let me seduce you with how warm I am BECAUSE I AM LITERALLY MADE OF FIRE.”

That’s not how it happened; of course not. She giggled or something, that’s how she seduces me. I mean, it’s not like this is new to us, just GODS I NEVER THINK EVER NOT EVER. Now I’m a prisoner, she’ll be dead soon, and Éndago will probably hate me when he hears, which is sad.

I can’t believe she jumped. I was sure she had some secret fire powers she was about to unleash on Amandín’s stupid ugly face, but she just jumped.


14 thoughts on “Voice Week: Wednesday – Brooks

  1. I can’t help liking this guy. I like his sense of humor. He feels a bit helplessly pulled this way and that by circumstances, but he also blames himself. A tad flippant about his friend’s feelings, but not as much as Rose. Nice touch with the all caps. I can sort of hear him yelling at himself in my head.

  2. He strikes me as a weaker, but probably nicer, personality than the other two, though he seems to blame Rose more than himself, which loses him points, in my book. I feel rather sorry for him, and hope Éndago won’t in fact, hate him.

  3. Hasn’t lost his humor in crisis, eh! Quite an interesting character, seems to have a handle of himself, under what look like chaotic circumstances.
    Some of this was really funny!

  4. I get the feeling this character is a teenager? I don’t know what makes me think that, except that teenagers are a lot more apt to beat themselves up over an irrational decision than most adults. I feel bad for the poor guy, and love that his sense of humor comes through despite how upset he is.

  5. Great voice! I like the capitalized bits; they really add personality. He’s definitely young and does stupid things. He blames Rose, he blames himself–he just likes to blame and regret rather than move on.

    An easily believable character!

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