Voice Week: Friday – Scout

Hi everyone! I feel so bad I didn’t get to putting this up on Friday. In my defense, it was my best friend’s birthday and I had duties. I hope you enjoy this final voice week installment of Scout, the Rose of Ashbrook’s page.

I’ve seen how the Rose will die, and it’s not as pathetic as being drowned by a lowly waterward. I’ve seen the fire inside her, and seawater is not enough to kill it. I’ve seen the things she will do… It’s better that Brooks has been left behind. They won’t hurt him. They’ll hold him hostage. He makes her heart too fragile. She’s better when she doesn’t care.

She still thinks I’m an earthchild. Maybe she has earned the truth, now.

The Rose will be there, in the end, when the gods come looking for a fight. It has been the Rose’s battle all along. This Storm of Storms, as they call it, is only the beginning.


6 thoughts on “Voice Week: Friday – Scout

  1. Ah, I was wondering where the last one was. I like this ending. Someone close to the Rose, someone who cares about her on some level and who knows more than he is letting on. I love that you show how strong she is – this won’t kill her – and at the same time that she has weaknesses – like for Brooks. Great ending to a great week!

  2. This makes me very curious about who Scout is. Some sort of seer? I totally didn’t realize his significance!

    There’s a much bigger story than these five snippets. Thanks for giving us a lovely glimpse into it. 😀

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