Currently seeking representation for the YA fantasy novel Aloft:

The winds are rising as the Gods’ Doom descends on Angalas, where people can manipulate elements and minds. While the smallfolk suffer tornadoes, Rose tries to return home from years of travel. Meanwhile Macolley studies at the Shrine, where he’ll learn to listen to the gods.

The realm has to trust the witsages when they say the gods are ending the world. First by tornadoes, then earthquakes, then water, then fire, the gods plan to obliterate all but the worthiest—and naturally, no one is “worthier” than witsages, who can manipulate others’ minds and hear the gods’ voices.

After roaming the country with a group of soldiers, Rose is called home as the Doom begins. As a fireblood, her depression and illness when the wind brings rain makes a difficult trip even harder. Rose unwittingly rides into a tornado that destroys her belongings and injures her soldiers. Desperate, she travels to the home of her betrothed to wait out the wind-driven rain. However, there she is accused of disrespect and thrown into the bay. A servant pulls Rose out and throws her on a fire to save her life, leaving her plagued with a cough that brings up ashes.

Meanwhile, Macolley travels to the Shrine, but he can’t hear the gods speak like other witsages. As the Shrine locks its doors to the outside world, Macolley grapples with the feeling that witsages should be doing more to protect their realm. Determined to forestall the Gods’ Doom, Macolley climbs a sacred mountain. A rude god tries to kill him for trespassing on holy ground, but Macolley escapes to the capital to offer help to the king stop the Doom. He’s arrested for his affiliation with the Shrine before he can meet the king, attempts another escape, and is shot with an arrow. He uses his wits to numb his pain and accidentally paralyzes himself.

As their country descends into chaos, Rose and Macolley must maintain composure, keep their loved ones safe, and seize their own destinies.


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